Civil Law Expert of the Year in the United Kingdom

Highgate Hill Solicitors Katherine Alexander Theodotou Principal 98 Dresden Road, London, N19 3BQ Tel: +44 (0)20 7263 6445 Katherine Alexander Theodotou is a Cypriot solicitor practising in Cyprus with her own firm, K. Alexandrou Theodotou LLC, and in the UK under Highgate Hill Solicitors. Ms Alexander Theodotou was educated in Cyprus, Greece and Belgium and has been successful with two PhDs, professional qualifications in the UK, as well as professional qualifications in Cyprus. She is an honorary professor of the University of Gent in Belgium and has worked as a lecturer and lawyer in Cyprus and the UK, as well as acting as an associate of A. Lionis Advocates in Athens. As a lawyer, she has never lost a case. She deals primarily with large commercial cases, which are bilateral, with actions in two countries. These have included:
  • Liasides action in Cyprus 2007–2009: Ms Alexander Theodotou lifted an Ernest Young receiver from the properties;
  • The Harrogate actions: she assisted clients to get their deeds in Cyprus, 2007;
  • The Anarita case: she assisted purchasers to safeguard their properties from receivership;
  • The Panareti case (CL-2017-000657), which lasted from 2010–2021. It was won with compensation to the clients (08/06/2021);
  • The Tersefanou actions (2013 FOLIO 1309): clients rescinded contracts with various developers;
  • Frenaros action (HQ12X02903): she assisted clients to free themselves from fraudulent contracts;
  • Swiss Francs, (CL-2014-000668): she terminated the loans in Swiss Francs and assisted clients to obtain favourable agreements from the banks;
  • The John Taylor (CL-2014-000743) case: she assisted clients in terminating their unfair
Ms Alexander Theodotou is also a highly experienced mediator, and has advised on 60 individual cases, which were resolved successfully through mediation. In 2013, she set up the European Committee of Lawyers against Risky Currencies, and is the chair of this committee, which encompasses 14 European countries.

Human Rights:

The court will set a date for the first hearing. The divorce petition is served to the other spouse so that Ms Alexander Theodotou has worked prominently within the area of human rights. As an NGO in Iraq, she assisted others in identifying the imprisonment of innocent people as suspects who had been badly treated by the allied armies. She is currently campaigning for the independence of Kurdistan and the unity of the Kurdish regions into an independent state, and acts as the Chair of the Euro-Kurdistan Committee, hosting a number of successful meetings at the European Parliament and the British Parliament. She is also campaigning for the liberation of Kurdish political prisoners, Abdullah Öcalan and the Kurdish leader of the opposition, Selahattin Demirtaş, who is also a lawyer and is imprisoned by Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, the President of Turkey. Moreover, she is campaigning for the unfair treatment of the Palestinians, and for political debate between the Israelis and the Palestinians – to find a peaceful solution without the interference of the great powers.


Ms Alexander Theodotou is a member of a family with a historical background, as one of her relatives led the revolution for the independence of Cyprus in 1931 and suffered imprisonment, torture and exile in the Seychelles. In his honour, the Theodotou street in Nicosia, Cyprus was established. She played an important role when her island was attacked and invaded by the Turks. She assisted in the liberation of 600 children from the Turkish forces. Today she is the Leader of the Free and Democratic Unity of Cyprus, a movement launching a number of candidates for the forthcoming elections, including Turkish Cypriots.

Justice for Lawyers

Ms Alexander Theodotou founded this movement around five years ago to protect the black and ethnic minority firms from the injustice and bias of the regulatory bodies. The movement believes in regulations, but objects to the bureaucracy and bias of regulatory bodies under the influence of false complaints. According to Ms Alexander Theodotou, the Legal Ombudsman service consists of people whose objectivity is very low. The SRA investigators and the Solicitors Disciplinary Tribunal need to be reformed to be in the shape of a judicial court, wherein both sides are heard equally. She notes that Cyprus, despite its troublesome history, has some of the best regulatory systems in Europe and could be an example for the English regulators.


She is a member of the Parliamentary Review Committee under Lord Pickles, a member of the Leaders Council of Lord Blunkett.

Charity and Community work:

Ms Alexander Theodotou also founded the supplementary schools in Islington for ethnic minorities, as well as founding two charitable organisations for animals and birds in Cyprus and the UK.